Executive Board Members

Betty Gibbins  -  Acting President

Betty Gibbins  -  Co-Vice President

Lisa Close  -  Co-Vice President

Amy Valentine  -  Secretary

Kathryn Strojan  -  Treasurer

Denise Wagner  -  Cashier

Betty Gibbins - Cashier


Lisa Close - Chair


Kirsty Cerreti


Grad Night
Amy Valentine - Chair

Lisa Close

Art Award
Lydia Bakkar

Cinderella Project
Nicole Gianacakos
Lisa Anderson

Betty Gibbins



Staff Appreciation
Carmen Lucero

Denise Wagner - Chair

Bear Beans
Heather Spillane - Chair

Father-Daughter Ball
Amy Valentine

Powder Puff
Heather Kovacs

Carmen Lucero

Outstanding Educator/Golden Acorn Awards
Yelenys Guerra


Passive Fundraising


Questions? Email

PO Box 74
Maple Valley, WA 98038

PTA Position Descriptions

Each spring, THS PTA will ask for a Nominating Committee to help find volunteers for the next school year's open positions.

Description of the PTA's positions are below.

**Please email with any questions**


All Executive Board Positions are expected to:

  • Attend most/all of the PTA Board meetings (2 hours/month)
  • Meet 2-3 times over the summer to plan the year & set the budget
  • Attend one WSPTA approved training class (approximately 3 hours)
  • Help with one or more of the following:
    • Bear Days (4 hours in Late Aug/Early Sept)
    • Open House (3 hours in Sep)
    • Conferences (2 hour shift in Nov)
    • Incoming Freshman Night (2 hours in March)
  • Help host/attend a volunteer appreciation event in June (2 hours)

Executive Board Positions

  • President: Prepare the agenda and run monthly PTA meetings, coordinate volunteers for school events, represent PTA at monthly roundtable meetings, meet with school principals and staff to precipitate open communication, make appointments of board positions, oversee all committee chairs and fill in when necessary, monitor PTA Gmail account and respond to emails weekly, monitor PO box and provide monthly newsletter to membership. (15-25 hours/month). Other activities as required.
  • VP: Assist the president with PTA needs and this can be very flexible hours and not necessarily a huge time commitment. Meet with the president monthly and be aware of the PTA happenings well enough to fill in for the president if needed running the board meeting, meeting with school officials, meeting at round table, help monitor Gmail account, etc. (10–15 hours/month). Other activities as required.
  • Treasurer: This position manages the PTA budget, paying all of the bills, reconciling the bank account, writing checks, recording deposits and preparing financial statement for each PTA Board Meeting (10-15 hours/month).
  • Cashier: Visit the school and obtain the deposits and take them to the bank or receive deposit from chairpersons hosting events. 2-3 deposits per week during the first 2 months of school, but then tapers off after that to once/week for the remainder of the year.
  • Secretary: Responsible for meeting minutes, providing copy for review and approval at board meeting and publishing to our Google Drive, maintain and retain the legal documents such as meeting sign-in sheets, standing rules and sent emails. (4 hours/month)


Board Positions

  • Membership Chair: Responsible for MemberPlanet set up for school year. Promote membership through school events, Bear Bytes, and other avenues. Communicate membership benefits and contribute to monthly newsletter on membership. Keep Gmail contact list up to date for school year. Also in early fall, you will help with the parent nights to recruit new members (Bear Days, Open House, Conferences). From November through the rest of the year, you have 1-2 hours/month beyond the commitment to attend the 2 hr monthly board meeting and conduct membership drives.


Chair Positions

  • Concessions Co-Chair (Buyer/Scheduler): Buy goods to stock the concession stands and ensure the concession stands have the necessary goods and the equipment is functioning to support the events. Find PTA volunteers to cover home football games and schedule clubs to run concessions for all other events. Train club representatives and be the point of contact for club reps where concessions are concerned. (20-25 hrs/month)
  • Concessions Chair (Money): Handle all money related activities with concessions by providing the startup cash for every event and performing the deposits for every event. Also coordinate getting the startup money and key to/from each club for the event. (5-7 hrs/month)
  • Powder Puff Chair: Manage the Powder Puff Football game including enlisting volunteer coaches, organizing Jr and Sr girls teams, scheduling practices, obtaining referees, ordering sweatshirts, etc Practices are in October and game in early November (5-8 hrs/week for 6 weeks in the fall)
  • Grad Night Chair: Lead and organize the Grad Night event. Fliers, collect money, communicate and advertise, get chaperones for the event, work with planning company (if applicable) and buses (5-7 hrs/month for Sept – May then 5-10 hours/week for June and be available for 48 hours before/during/after graduation)
  • Scholarship Chair: Update scholarship guidelines; advertise to scholarship grantors and students; collect; obtain volunteers for scholarship readings; host readings; tally totals and identify scholarship recipients; Find additional resources to help find more scholarship money from our community as applicable. Prepare scholarship awards and coordinate checks with Treasurer. (10 hrs/month Feb - Apr)
  • Staff Appreciation/Hospitality Chair: Plan and organize mementos/food for staff in appreciation of their efforts. Also, arrange for cookies/snacks/drinks for HS parent meetings (2-3 events per school year). This includes volunteer coordination as well as event preparation, event management and event cleanup. 5-8 hours/month. Support other hospitality requests as required (Testing, conferences, roundtable board recognition)
  • Technology Chair: This includes Newsletter Editor/ Website/Facebook/Twitter/PTA eNews. Meet with PTA President every month, edit, coordinate, and publish newsletter as needed; keep public website up-to-date. (5-10 hours/month throughout the year)
  • Art Awards: The art award is for senior students only as winners will receive scholarships at the senior awards night. This activity takes place starting in April and completes in early May (I can get more specific timing I just don't have at my fingertips right now. Time commitment is approximately 8-10 hours over a month. Steps include:
    • Coordinate with Art Teacher to coordinate contest
    • Communicate in Bear Bytes and Senior Instagram Page (we usually have a flyer that we can send)
    • Solicit PTA Volunteers to judge the art entries for category winners and best in show (categories include digital graphics, ceramic, drawing, Painting, photography, mixed media)
    • Prepare award certificates and request checks from Treasurer
    • Frame/prepare for display best in show art piece (this award is a $250 scholarship versus the others are $50)
    • Present at senior awards night (or you can have the scholarship chair present for you
  • Passive Fundraising: This is finding ways to raise funds through employers and store reward programs to benefit PTA. PTA members who volunteer can positively designate donations from employers like Boeing and Microsoft to contribute to PTA for the volunteer time. Additionally, we have a rewards program tied to the Kroger/Fred Meyer rewards card members who can designate the PTA to receive contributions. We have not had a chair for this for quite a few years so the time commitment would be up to the chair but it is a great way to earn money for PTA. Activities include:
    • Educate and communicate programs to PTA members about the employer benefit when they volunteer or designate their rewards card with Kroger.
    • Pursue other passive fundraising activities that may be available to help PTA
  • Reflections: Host PTA Reflections art event in Fall. Communicate timeline and deadline for submissions via Bear Bytes and PTA newsletter,, present awards to winners, coordinate art submissions to state competition. Communicate in newsletter.
  • Cinderella Project: Host dress checkout for homecoming and prom. Accept dress donations, maintain inventory and storage (storage unit paid through PTA).
  • Father/Daughter Ball: Plan and host event in Spring (late March/Early April). Setup ticket sales, coordinate volunteers for decorating, securing DJ and photographer, schedule high school through district contact, communicate through district and Social Media, coordinate setup and clean up day of event.
  • Golden Acorn/Outstanding Educator: This is for volunteer and teacher of the year awards. Communicate event, setup voting mechanism via google docs or other media platforms, prepare awards/order via PTA Store, present awards to recipients (Golden Acorn at Year end PTA recognition event and outstanding educator at senior sendoff or end of year teacher meeting).


Committee Positions


  • Audit committee (3 positions): Work with other PTA members to audit financials at end of the year (July timeframe). Communicate findings back to board. Training and forms to complete are provided. (4-6 hours)
  • Grad Night Committee (4-6 positions):  5-7 hrs/month for September – May, then 5-10 hours/week for June, and be available for 48 hours before/during/after graduation.
  • Scholarship Committee (2-6 positions):  Work with/under the direction of the Scholarship Chair. 5-6 hrs/month from February - April.
  • Bear Beans Volunteers: Involves working in the coffee stand before school or at lunches. 1-3 hours a week.