Executive Board Members

Kim Quinn  -  President
Betty Gibbins  -  Vice President and Cashier
Amy Valentine  -  Secretary
Lisa Close  -  Treasurer
Denise Wagner  -  Cashier


Kristyn Rock - Chair
Stacy Pleskoff
Wendy Stout

Betty Gibbins

Grad Night

Lisa Close

Art Award
Laura Gindroz

Cinderella Project
Nicole Gianacakos
Lisa Anderson

Outstanding Educator/Golden Acorn




Betty Gibbins

Staff Appreciation
Carmen Lucero

Denise Wagner - Chair
Betsey Sommer
Katrina Montgomery
Taunya Fermstad

Bear Beans
Kartha Heinz

Father-Daughter Ball
Amy Valentine

Powder Puff

Passive Fundraising





Nominating Committee and Position Descriptions

Each spring, THS PTA will ask for a Nominating Committee to help find volunteers for the next school year's open positions.

Description of the PTA's positions are below.

**Please email with any questions**

President: Prepare the agenda and run monthly PTA meetings, coordinate volunteers for school events, represent PTA at monthly roundtable meetings, meet with school principals and staff to precipitate open communication, make appointments of board positions, oversee all committee chairs and fill in when necessary, monitor PTA Gmail account and respond to emails weekly. 15-25 hours/month.
VP: Assist the president with PTA needs; meet with the president monthly and be aware of the PTA happenings well enough to fill in for the president if needed to run the board meeting, meet with school officials, meet at round table, help monitor Gmail account, etc. This can be very flexible hours and not necessarily a huge time commitment; can also be 10–15 hours/month.
Treasurer: This position manages the PTA budget, paying all of the bills, reconciling the bank account, writing checks, recording deposits, and preparing financial statement for each PTA Board Meeting. 10-15 hours/month.
Cashier: Visit the school and obtain the deposits and take them to the bank and/or receive deposits from chairpersons hosting events. 2-3 deposits/week during first 2 months of school, then tapers off to once/week for the remainder of the year.
Grad Night Co-Chair (2 positions): Lead and organize the Grad Night event to give grads a safe fun night of events. Make flyers, collect money, communicate and advertise, get chaperones for the event, work with planning company and busing companies. 5-7 hrs/month from September – May, then 5-10 hours/week for June, and be available for 48 hours before/during/after graduation.
Grad Night Committee (4-6 positions):  5-7 hrs/month for September – May, then 5-10 hours/week for June, and be available for 48 hours before/during/after graduation.
Scholarship Chair:  Working with the tech to update application, update scholarship guidelines, advertise, collect, answer questions, obtain volunteers for scholarship readings, host readings, tally totals and figure out scholarship. Find additional resources to help locate more scholarship money within our community. 10 hrs/month from February - April.
Scholarship Committee (2-6 positions):  Work with/under the direction of the Scholarship Chair. 5-6 hrs/month from February - April.
Technology Chair: Includes creating and editing content on PTA Website and Facebook page as needed. 3-5 hours/month throughout the year.
Father Daughter Ball: Includes setting up a dance at the high school. 1-2 hours a month until March (~20 hours), plus set up and the dance itself.
Art Awards: Entails working with the art teacher to prepare the art contest, setting up judges for the senior art awards. 5 hours in April, 2 hours in May.
Cinderella Project: Includes setting up time for girls to try on prom and homecoming dresses to borrow. 4 hours in September, 8 hours in April.
Powder Puff: Involves scheduling practices, pictures, and game day for girls to play flag football; scheduling and holding kick-off meeting; vetting coaches; ensuring PTA representative is at each practice; collecting registration forms and waivers from players; ordering jerseys and Powder Puff clothing. setting up practices and game day for girls to play football. 5-10 hours in September, 20-30 hours in October, 15 hours in November.
Concession Stand Chairs: Shopping for product, get volunteers to cover the stand during events.
Concession Stand Volunteers: Entails working at the stand during events. 1-10 hours in September, October, November and possibly an hour or two throughout the year.
Bear Beans Volunteers: Involves working in the coffee stand before school or at lunches. 1-3 hours a week. 

Questions? Email

PO Box 74
Maple Valley, WA 98038